Location: The Saints

After a couple of classes in the morning, most went to shore for one last time in the Saints to enjoy French baguettes, cheap phone calls, and wonderful ice cream. Everyone was back on board by 2:30 pm, and we moved the boats to the Pain de Sucre, the site for our night dive. We prepared for the dive, had a good dinner of burgers on the grill, and jumped in the water for our first night dive of the trip. Beaker and Chantale’s groups slowly swam along the reef, looking for cool night critters, while Boomer’s group turned their lights off and tried to swim by undetected. Boomer successfully snuck up on Katie and yanked on her fins in the dark. The bioluminescence and moonlight made the dive especially nice. We finished the evening with late-night showers and a rave with the glow sticks from the dive.