Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

This morning we had an early wake up at 6:30 in preparation for race number one of Antigua classics week. We had a breakfast of granola prepared by Elle and Steph, and we went straight into passage prep. We departed from the dock around 9:30 to scope out the racecourse and practice a few tacks and gybes. We had an amazing start at 10:45, and we were off! We raced from 10:45 am to around 3 pm. There was an open mic sea shanty competition, so once we were back at the dock, we had to prepare our song. We took a song from Lucys camp and changed it to fit sea life more. The boat mahjong, Mary Rose, Ruth (Ian insert the boat that went after us), and us. We all ended up winning a prize (I dont know if you want me to say what it is, Ian, hahaha), and Peytons dad came to visit! He also ate dinner with us. After dinner, we had a seamanship class in which we studied dead reckoning and running fixes. Tomorrow we have race number two! Olivia