Location: West End, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

One of our first lessons aboard Argo came early this morning when we realized we need to check the weather before leaving our hatches open overnight. Shoutout to everyone who got up to shut them in the early hours to keep our cabins dry. After a morning of meetings and check-ins, we had a lunch of pitas, hummus, and rotisserie chickens. In the afternoon, we got off the for the first time and took Argo out for a practice sail. We are all learning new things about the boat and sailing altogether. We split up into three groups and learned how to put up the sails, how to gybe, and how to put the sails away again. In between, we got to experience what it was like to sail on such a large vessel — though we also learned that some of us get seasick! Everyone is getting to know each other and is getting along great as we prepare for our transatlantic crossing. Spirits are high as we ready ourselves and Argo to head out on the open seas.