Location: Pearns Bay, Antigua

Dear Diary… Oops, I mean Seamester parents and friends,

As our first day of Seamester wraps up, I already have so much to reflect on and be thankful for. Our day started off at 7 sharp with a scrumptious breakfast parfait to fuel us for a morning filled with tons of new information and a decent amount of manual labor. We first got a tour of the engine room, above deck, galley, and heads, which I now know means bathroom. I learned that port means left and starboard means right, how to use TWO different types of lifejackets, and how to properly flush a toilet on a sailboat. Next, we readied the ship for our very first motor, a speedy three-hour crossing to a different part of the island. My job was flaker, meaning that I was in the anchor locker, organizing the anchor chain as it came in. This job was quite sweaty and muddy, but everyone’s respective hard work paid off, and we soon set sail. The gorgeous view of the Antiguan coastline and chatting with new friends made the time fly by. For the last half hour before reaching shore, Nick let me try my hand at driving the boat. Although I had an embarrassingly hard time figuring out which direction to turn the wheel, Nick was a great teacher, and I made a lot of progress. Once we anchored in our new spot, We did some quick cleaning/loving OStar and then got ready for our swim test. Four laps and ten minutes of treading water later, I’m happy to report everyone aboard Ocean Star knows how to swim! After that, we settled down and had a nice dinner of Massaman curry before learning even more about the place we’ll call home for the next 79 days. After all that, I’m ready to sign off and hit the hay.

Mom and Dad, Ingrid, Pippa, Grace, Fanny, Nigel, Flavio, and Daphne – I’m having a fabulous time, but I already miss you all so much already! P.S. Grace, the food is really good!