Location: Atlantic Ocean

Another day in the big blue. It’s crazy to think we have already sailed nearly 4,000 nautical miles. Today was an extra crazy day on the Atlantic. We started with an early 8:00 am jibe, which is when we switch the sails from one side to another. In this case, it was port to starboard this morning. Watch teams 1 and 2 execute it flawlessly, in my humble opinion. After we had to fix one of the cars on the main sail, Sam volunteered to be hoisted up the mast and fix the cart. This was all going down while we were moving in rough seas. Certified badass!!!!

Today was an extra special day because we started our Oceanography presentations for the papers we had written earlier this semester. However, halfway through our class giving a presentation, we heard a yell from Ally in the chart house, screaming that we had caught a Yellow Fin Tuna. I attached a pic for you all to see, but it was quite the spectacle of witnessing it in real life. We all rushed up on deck to see how big it was, and then soon after, we started to filet it in order to preserve its freshness. We all gathered around midship to watch as Riley gutted and cut the fish into yummy slices of meat. People started daring people to eat weird parts of the fish, and no one here was gonna back down from that challenge. Ghost started with the heart, and Joel and Riley followed with the eyeball. A group of daring lads ate the fish testicles (Ghost, Amelia, Hendo, Joel, Jac). We incorporated some of the tuna meat (not the testicles) with dinner but saved the rest for cooking tomorrow. We finished some more presentations after that major event and only got to complete 5 out of the 26 that needed to be done. We all gathered for dinner after a presentation and ate mashed potatoes, veggies, and Brockwurst; absolutely delicious, Isabel. Thank you! We ended with the age-old question what would be your zombie apocalypse weapon. Let’s just say all you need to survive is a t-shirt cannon and a dream…

Mom, Dad, and Henry, I miss you guys tons and can’t wait to see ya’ll. Give Pete and Gracie a kiss and good pat for me and tell the rest of the fam I miss them.

Love, John