Location: Mystic, CT

Today some folks on our boat had a 5;45am wake-up so they could head out and walk a trail on a beach nearby. The ones who stayed back woke up at 7 simultaneously to the Hikers coming back. Josh, Katie, and Evan prepared us some awesome Pancakes for breakfast. After the cleanup was done, we raised our anchor and headed out towards Fishermans Island, which is located just of the coast of Mystic. It took us roughly 3 hours to get there. We had lunch and then a brief on our afternoon. We separated into different teams to make the cleanup more efficient. Some people cleaned the Laz, some did the Galley, and others the Grey Water tanks. It took a lot of effort to complete all of these jobs, so we all were super hungry for delicious Shepard’s Pie. We even had to get out Tortillas and Peanut butter because we were so hungry. Tonight will be our last day in Anchorage before we head to Mystic tomorrow.