Location: Vuro, Fiji

Hi Everyone!!
Today was another great day! We started with yummy flapjacks and yogurt made by Elle and her sous chefs. During breakfast, there was a super clear and colorful rainbow that turned into a double rainbow by the end of our meal. It was so pretty. After breakfast, we had seamanship and got the news we had all passed our ICC exam! We were all very happy to have the upgrade from kind of competent crew to definitely competent crew 🙂 Thanks, Elle! After class, we got ready to go on our final manta search. We were all getting our gear together when all of a sudden, Lolo yells “dolphins!!!” Everyone on deck jumped in to swim after them as they were jumping away. Some jumped in with half wetsuits, one fin, and some just left everything behind. It was incredible to hear the dolphins talking to one another below the surface. It was also Annie’s first time seeing dolphins! Afterward, we got in the dinghies and went on a search for more mantas. The ride over felt like we were on an episode of Deadliest Catch, minus the crabs. We were able to spot a few more mantas today, and Amanda had some friends that identified them based on the spots on their tummies! One of the larger mantas we saw is named Scream, and we learned she is pregnant! ALSO, Tyler thought he heard a whale noise while searching for mantas, but we didn’t end up seeing one 🙁 Once we were all mantad-out, we made our way back to Argo, where Elle made some delicious stir fry for lunch. Following lunch, we had leadership with Tim where Ian sat … interestingly (see picture) and Jennifer drew smiley faces on her toes (also pictured below). After class, half of us went to do our last AOW deep dive, and the other half had some free time before dinner. We officially have half of us advance open water certified!! We will have the other half caught up after they complete their night dive after dinner. Finally, we had dinner and our nightly squeeze where I asked, “what is your favorite feel-good song?” We always end our squeeze with some version of a squeeze clap. For tonight, I chose to do a squeeze, clap, and flirtatious rawr 🙂 My current favorite feel-good song is Beggin’ by Madcon. At dinner, we got an updated plan for the next few days of our voyage, and, let me tell you, the next few blogs are going to be incredible! So keep a close eye on us out here 🙂 I’m finishing this blog sitting at the computer looking through a porthole to see Tyler and Mia dancing and singing to me as they finish up in the dishy pit!

P.S. Hi, mom and dad! I’ll call you again before we start our passage to Indo. Love and miss you 🙂

1. Manta and Ian
2. Ian sitting in class
3. Jennifer’s toes
4. Rainbow
5. Rainbow at the helm
6. Kylie, Gabe, and Eleanor
7. Will, Cole, and Pierce
8. Divemasters Max and Eleanor
9. Caleigh and Caroline
10. Spotted eagle ray we saw while looking for mantas