Location: Underway to Grenada

For Watch Team 3 and Ocean Star, the day began around 5:30 AM as a faint glow appeared off our port and gradually intensified as the sun rose to the east over Dominica in the far distance. We’d spent the 3-6 AM watch quietly, enjoying the clear view of the night sky, counting shooting stars, and identifying new lights as stars, planets, and satellites. At the same time, the light of the stars was mirrored by the sparkling bioluminescent plankton, agitated by the waves against the hull of the ship. By the end of our watch, our view of the stars was obscured by the rising sun, Watch Team 1 relieved us, and we crawled into our bunks to sleep away the day, waking up only to eat lunch and stand watch again at noon. Before a delicious dinner prepared by Annie, who cooked for us without complaint while being tossed around in a hot galley all day, shipmates had their first chance to shower in 2+ days. The hitch: no jumping in the ocean while underway. Instead, Kevin stood on the bow armed with the salt-water fire hose and looking a bit too eager. A few brave souls took their turns bracing against the spray and trying not to slip around on the rolling deck. We gathered together in the cockpit around 5 for the squeeze and dinner and enjoyed yet another spectacular sunset under sail. Having this opportunity to see the sunrise and set over the ocean every day, breaking up the cool starry nights and warm sunny days, is extraordinary and a big highlight of the trip so far. The day ended much the way it began, with Watch Team 3 on deck from 9 to midnight, gazing at shooting stars, sailing peacefully Until several well-aimed flying fish launched themselves at the ship and shipmates, hitting Steve squarely in the chest while he stood at the helm, and later Carter in the shoulder. Both fish and shipmates were a bit stunned, but no injuries were sustained, and the fish was sent back over the side before we retreated to our bunks for the night.