Location: Montserrat

The last 2 weeks on board S/Y Ocean Star have been full of non-stop activity. We have sailed from the British Virgin Islands to St. Kitts, Nevis and then onto Montserrat, each island bringing us new adventure and experience. All of us have completed the PADI course if we hadn’t already been certified.

Last night, the sailors of Ocean Star had a fun night out at Sunshines. We had a nice beach bonfire and celebrated a birthday with a large feast and lots of tasty desserts. The ambiance was nothing short of perfect. A full moon, a slight breeze, sailors and tourists from lots of different latitudes. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Today, Ocean Star and her ship’s company made a small passage to Montserrat. This country experienced a natural disaster back in 1993, which flooded the capital with magma. Now the capitol city has moved to the other side of the island, where we are currently anchored. The voyage here was very pleasant with sunny skies and good winds, and we are happy to report that those who were plagued with seasickness on the last passage were all feeling good to go this time around! It was also the first time we had 4 sails up, bringing the Jib sail into play in addition to the main sail, foresail and staysail. It’s good practice for our long passage to Grenada in 2 days time. The head chef and his assistants cooked up some amazing meals today. Everyday, they keep us fed, and energized. Being focused and motivated are two big factors that help create a productive learning environment. Not only are we here to learn, we are here to experience life on a schooner in the historic Caribbean islands, something not everyone has the ability to expose themselves to in their entire lifetimes.