Location: Port Elizabeth, Bequia

At 6:30, I woke up to Olivia’s beautiful face and open mouth and then walked up the stairs to Devi’s gleaming smile as she studied her sailing terminology. Waking everyone up is always a challenge, but after multiple nudges and wake up calls, it was successful. For breakfast, we had oatmeal. Lucy pulled out two bags that turned out to be moldy, followed by Olivia doing the same. Olivia then resorted to applesauce. After breakfast, I gave the morning brief and did my best turkey impression to end the meeting. We then had a marine biology class with Steve! Super fun. After this class, we started to study for our upcoming oceanography quiz after dinner, and Lucy went with Steph to plan out the class schedule for the next few days. Lunch today was grilled cheese and tomato soup, my favorite.

After lunch, a group of us went on a walk to Friendship Bay on the other side of Bequia while the other half stayed on Ocean Star to study. Before our walk, we went to a small fruit store and bought a mango and a few bananas. Yum! We walked about two miles across the beautiful island and then arrived at a beach. Devi, Lucy, Kelsay, Steve, and I attempted to make a water ballet routine for Steph, who was sitting on the beach while Duncan, Matty, and Hunter were looking for a refreshing beverage. We then went over to this little resort restaurant and bar and ordered parmesan French fries and juice. Matty and Hunter fell asleep on the lawn chairs, and Devi woke them both up with a wet willy. After this, we walked back to the dinghy dock to get picked up by Wiggy to get back to Ocean Star. We showered in the pouring rain when we got back to our boat and mid-shower, we were told we were able to go to a close beach to body surf. Kelsay, Matty, Olivia, and Wiggy quickly launched the dinghy headed to the beach. During this, the rest of us studied for our quiz. For dinner, we had some sort of chicken pea cheese casserole. Our squeeze question tonight was, “if you could change to any animal tomorrow, what animal would you be and why?”

After dinner, we changed our sheets, then took our first quiz. It is good to finally know what to expect in future quizzes and tests. We then had oceanography class and a lab that contained M&M’s, skittles, and gummies to portray calcareous and siliceous ooze, and a few other sediments. Best ocean floor I’ve ever tasted! We just watched a school of needlefish swim by, and one jumped into Erving, one of our dinghies. Matty grabbed it and put it back in the water to save it. He then proceeded to try to catch more with a bucket. After an eventful day of studying and eating, we are all getting ready for bedtime and then night watch. Goodnight, followers.