Location: Roseau, Dominica

Today we started with an early wakeup to get ready for our fruit tour. Our tour guide, SeaCat, drove us around the island all day, stopping and finding different types of fruit for us. First, we stopped at a farm to climb trees to collect grapefruits and sugar cane. We were given raw sugar cane and cut it into pieces for everyone. We then put grapefruit juice on it, so it tasted like lemonade. We then stopped at many other places for fruit, such as star fruit, guavas, and bananas. One of our stops included stopping at a roadside stand to try cassava bread, a flat flourless bread made from the starchy root vegetable. They showed us how they made it, and we got to see them cook a few pieces. We then had another stop where we got to try some ginger tea and raw cocoa. They handed us leaves for plates and then gave us some smoked chicken and breadfruit. After getting full from all the fruit, we stopped at a beach where a group of locals were celebrating the last day of the All Saints’ Day celebration. We got to hang out with them and their puppy. We followed that with a short walk to the Emerald Pool. The natural pool was beautiful but very cold. Next, we went to Trafalgar Falls, where we climbed up part of the waterfall to get to the hot springs. After hanging out for a while in the hot springs, we headed back to the boat for dinner and a class of marine bio.

Pictured: 1. Emerald pool 4-5. Cassava bread 6. ginger tea 7. Amanda with star fruit 8. Jill is holding fruit from the tour 10. students are picking grapefruit 12-13. emerald pool