Location: Saline Bay, Mayreau

Hi friends!!
Muffins were a great way to start the morning. Then we had marine biology after breakfast, where we learned about bryozoan and mollusks. Afterward, all the boys took off to have a beach day, while the girls decided to stay back on the boat to finish up some schoolwork. From what I collected, there were some fierce games of soccer, volleyball, and rugby; however, when I tried to determine some stats, Wally claimed he scored ALL the goals in soccer, while Peter said he scored none. I guess the world may never know. Even so, everyone returned with a smile on their face and a really nice tan. We then got cleaned up with a shower dance party, which usually includes everyone doing flips off the boat to loud music. Today’s theme was country music, Smudge broke out his favorite “dirt road” tunes, and Marina promised to teach everyone how to line dance. To end the day, we had a big Italian dinner with pizza and pasta that will surely lead to a bunch of sailors passed out in their bunks from food comas. The crew will need a good night’s rest for our voyage tomorrow to Bequia. We will be updating soon.
xoxo Tee