Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

Today was most definitely a day of learning and fantastic cuisine. Shout out to my man Jake and Ryn for cooking up some delicious meals today. Waking up to chocolate chip pancakes was exactly what everyone needed to start off their day happy, and the steak was a sublime end to the day.

In addition to great food, we were also cascaded with vast amounts of knowledge. While underway to our new anchorage, we had an oceanography class then in the afternoon we went to the Indian River to conduct a hands on lab. We looked at the different effects of temperature and salinity on pycnoclines in estuaries. Led by our fearless leader the Lorax, we concluded that salinity had a greater effect on the pycnocline of the estuary than temperature, you know, just in case you were wondering. While one group was doing the lab the other was getting a tour of the river and exciting wildlife. The Indian River is the same river where they filmed scenes of Jack Sparrow going to see Calypso in Pirates of the Caribbean! If you haven’t seen the film, I would suggest seeing it considering we are practically walking in Jack Sparrow’s footsteps. Today was at least the third site we have been to from the movies, including another earlier in Dominica. I think that with a little effort and our budding Hollywood star Meaghan we could just about make a complete remake of the movie (JP would also make a fantastic Jack Sparrow, considering his great pirate Halloween costume). Overall, the scientific and recreational exploration of the Indian River was a highlight of the day only made better by delicious steak.