Location: Tonga

After an amazing first full night of sleep, we all awoke ready for some exploring. During breakfast clean-up we had a visitor offering some nice local crafts. After our marine bio class we had the chance to see Tonga ourselves. Some of us checked out the local caf for a caffeine fix, others toured the marked and saw an array of carvings, jewelry, local fresh fruit, and so much more. Once back on the boat, we had the chance to get back in the water! M.T. and Boomer made some seriously amazing dinner of fresh tuna, pineapple salsa, coconut rice, and fried plantains. We definitely enjoyed the change from canned chicken! We ended the day with another Blue Planet video about intertidal zones. WE are all awaiting tomorrow for some good ol’ Tongan hospitality at the traditional Tongan feast some locals are preparing just for us. One lesson learned today: Don’t give us coffee!