Location: Bali

Today the students had a free day to get to know Bali on a more intimate level. Our team split up in several directions to visit different areas. Keanna, Caroline, and Annie found themselves visiting rice patties and trying their hands at bartering at the local market. Maggie, Morella, and Camilla headed over to a town called Seminyak for some shopping. After working up an appetite, the girls got their sugar fix with some milkshakes on the beach, taking in the beautiful Bali view. The rest of the group rented a large van for the day and headed out to see a local coffee plantation. After a tour and purchasing enough coffee to make it through our Indian Ocean crossing, they made a pit stop for some lunch and wifi. Their day was finished off with a stop at the local supermarket to stock up on chocolate and snacks now that the coffee issue had been properly dealt with. Back onboard, Argo, everyone traded stories from their day over a delicious curry dinner. This evening includes a couple of classes and learning the Rubix Cube from Annie. Overall, it was yet another successful and fantastic day on Argo.