Location: Basseterre, St. Kitts

*refer to title* Which is clearly the way to start any early morning, or late night depending on which anchor watch you had, I was blessed with the 11-12 so waking up at the break of dawn, 5:45 for those following along at home, our earliest morning yet. I put some good tunes on to set the mood of the day, which went well for some, but the Dramamine did not have the same timelines as we had. Two down on the sea sickness billet today, Will and Olivia.

We departed Falmouth harbor at around ~6:30a, later on in the day we passed Redonda, and the legend of the goat is real, a one-mile radius was kept. While underway on our passage today to St. Kitts held watch as two groups, with 2 hours on watch, and 2 hours off if you’re reading mom, thanks for the new Apple Music subscription, love youuuu! Jack Johnson fueled naps are the only naps I can take now. From helming to bow watch good people means good times, whether it was bothering Steve about everything under the sun (literally) or Lucy quizzing me on the coolest, most beautiful, or most overrated places I’ve been. Good people mean good times.

Seamester attracts students from all over, funny backgrounds, funny accents. Elle takes the cake, anything with an “a” or that ends in “op” is something you can expect to laugh at after it leaves her mouth, thank God she’s laughing along and has a good sense of humor all while seemingly honestly not noticing turning “bop” to “bawp” or the classic extended a’s. As I said, good people mean good times.

While currently being docked in St. Kitts for a couple of days, we were told that we were going to have a loaded day tomorrow, the first day of classes. We were informed we were doing something with fortresses tomorrow, whether it be going swimming in, or looking at, it wasn’t specified, but I’m sure it’ll be fun, I mean cmon… it’s the Caribbean.

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