Location: Similan Islands

Argo and I were at dock for about a month during the holidays and that is a month too long. Rest is good but we both were itching to get back on the open ocean. The feel of the wind on our faces and the sway of the ocean beneath our feet, that’s what Argo and I long for. That day finally came and with our new crew we casted off our dock lines and said good-bye to land. A sense of peace and belonging came over us as we made our way through the water, we were home. I started my day off with another forgotten joy, a night passage. You can not truly understand how wonderful a night passage is unless you have experienced it. Just the sound of having to be awake, driving a boat in the dark, through unfamiliar waters, at odd hours of the night sounds ludicrous to most people. But to those who have lived aboard a boat and sailed her across oceans there are few moments when you are more at peace with your surroundings. This new crew and my new watch are starting to learn that joy. For our few sacrificed hours of sleep we were rewarded by arriving at the Similan Islands just after first light. One could not ask for a more picturesque location to do your first scuba dive. That’s what we prepared ourselves for today and plan to do for the next few days. Scuba dive in some of the clearest waters the ocean has to offer. Ah, it’s good to be back on the seas again.