Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Day 23

Today we started our day out with what is called the Pillars of Hercules hike. Despite its daunting name, it was actually one of the more relaxing and easy hikes or physical activities that we have done yet. It started out with a short climb up to a high peak where we were able to see the majority of the island of Antigua, as well as an incredible view of the open ocean. Then, it was a short descent walk back down to the ocean where we could observe and swim in tidal pools.

This afternoon was probably one of the more chill ones that we have had yet. We were given free time to study for the Oceanography quiz that we had later in the day, and we were also able to eat lunch off the boat and explore the dockyard a little bit, which has an incredible history. After our free time, we had our quiz for Oceanography, which everyone seemed fairly positive about.

Tonight, we had a night out, which was an absolute BLAST; We took the dinghies to a beach from which we had a steep uphill hike to one of the highest peaks on the island. Resting at the top lies an incredible restaurant and bar called Shirley Heights, which has one of the most incredible views I’ve ever seen. When we reached the restaurant, we were greeted by tons of people, an awesome barbecue, and amazing music. There was a steel drum band playing, which was insanely fun and gave the party a great vibe. We spent the whole night eating, talking, dancing, laughing and overall having a great time together as a crew,

From all of us here on Ocean Star, we miss you!