Location: Les Saintes

We bid a fond farewell to Dominica this morning after an epic few days playing in the ocean, rivers, waterfalls, and hot springs. Today marked a milestone for Ocean Star and her crew. It was the first day where the shipmates hoisted and trimmed sails entirely on their own without any help from the staff- and they did a stellar job! It’s one of the best sailing days we had yet, and we even broke out the flying jib- a new sail for us- to commemorate the day! We sailed toward the Saints at speeds up to 11 knots (but mostly around 7 or 8), making good time and anchoring at around 1:30 this afternoon. The journey itself was eventful, including some bow-riding dolphins maneuvering to avoid sneaky fish traps, and we were even graced by a visit from a sea turtle. After a much-needed swim call to combat the hot Caribbean sun, we showered O-Star with our gratitude with some quality boat appreciation time. We scrubbed the decks and the galley, polished brass, and generally de-funkified the boat. We dined under the orange glow of the setting sun and spent the evening in MTE class learning about navigation. It’s been another epic day aboard the Ocean Star!