Location: Roseau, Dominica

At 7:00 am, I woke up the crew for Elles delicious breakfast of bananas, yogurt, and granola, and lots of peanut butter. After breakfast, we started passage prep, and watch team two started the watch rotations at 10 am. At 12, we began our first watch with yummy chicken wraps paired with a tangy mango sauce prepared again by Elle. During our watches, we sailed in a lot of wind and watched the beautiful island grow closer. During our off rotations, we alternated between sleeping and studying for our oceanography midterm that will take place after dinner. During our last watch rotation, we had to take down the foresail due to challenging helming conditions and increasing wind speeds. It was cool to see how far we had come and to see how we could achieve rather difficult sail drops with ease now. At 6:00, we came up for our next watch and saw beautiful Dominica right off the starboard bow. We then set up to take our mooring, and our good friend SeaCat helped us moor. Elle made a scrumptious dinner of pasta and red sauce. After dinner and cleaning, we sat down in the salon to take our oceanography midterm. Post-exam, we all went to sleep. Goodnight. Peace. Corbin.