Location: Similan Islands, Thailand

Everyday of this trip has brought new challenges. Yesterday was my first dive as a certified diver which in my mind pushed me way out of my comfort zone to begin with. One of the skills you need to accomplish is being able to take off your mask and replace it and drain it in 50ft of water. The first time I tried it I almost freaked out, but by the end of my training I was fully confident. On another note the Similan Islands have been absolutely incredible. While anchored at Similan #8 a sea turtle was kind enough to grace us with his presence to snack on the food we threw overboard. Today on passage we also saw the annular solar eclipse. After today’s hard work, involving raising sail, it is safe to say the crew of Argo is quite tan, now that I think of it as I reside into my portside six man I have to think about my family and friends back home in New Hampshire who are probably fighting the good fight with old man winter and I hope all is well with them.