Location: Cairns, Australia

Today many of us crossed an item off our bucket list: diving the Great Barrier Reef. The three dives were incredible. The reef was rich in diversity. We saw thousands of fish of every variety, sharks, rays, eels, and even a giant clam. It is remarkable to think some of us on the trip had never been diving before this summer, and today we dove perhaps the most famous reef in the world as recently certified PADI Rescue Divers.

As our last dive together, the fact that Sea|mester is not perpetual sank in. The half of the crew that went diving yesterday took their Navigation Master Exam today. Those of us in Marine Biology have our last quiz tonight, concluding the academic classes on Argo. Everyone is quite ecstatic over the euphoria of finals week commencing, but all of us are in denial about the trip coming to an end. We are all looking forward to the final activities to come, and we are valuing these last few days together.

Pictured: Group photo when we arrived on Silverswift for our day of diving; Emily, Anastacia, and Rhea getting geared up before the first dive; Anastacia (x2), Emily, Sam, Garrison, Frank, Kari, Rhea, and Coral underwater; group photos of Garrison, Kari, Coral, Frank, Margaux, and Sam; Garrison under the boat with a bunch of snappers; big grouper getting cleaned by a small cleaner fish; big stingray; reefscape; green sea turtle; anemone with pink anemonefish; Sam, Frank, Garrison, Kari, Rhea, and Margaux after the dives; happy Frank and Kari after a great day of diving.