Location: Ile Fourchue, St. Barth

This morning we raised anchor by hand and sailed out of the port of Gustavia. Natty was at the helm and did a great job ducking Victoria of Stratton and then beating to windward in order to clear the isolated danger mark and get us out into open water. While hand ratcheting the anchor up two links of chain jammed in trhe hawspipe, we attached a spare halyard and with a hammer worked it free. It was John’s expert touch that finessed the jam free. The wind was ripping at 25kts and the seas were big. We beam reached cruising along when about halfway there Luke took the helm to guide us in. We decided to head towards the windward most mooring and proceeded to tack our way up the little bay. After 6 tacks we reached the ball when while furling the jib it back winded and threw us off our mark. Luke responded by ordering the sail across but not before we were on top off another mooring ball. We narrowly escaped entanglement and began tacking back towards our mark. This time we hooked it with ease. After securing the boat and dropping the main we debriefed and slapped fives. A morning OCE class was followed by an afternoon dive, windsurfing and the Rescue Exam. Dinner was bangers and mash and then a Comm class ended the day. Good day.