Location: Porto Potales, Mallorca, Spain

We awoke this morning to gray skies and constant rain, which required foul weather gear for any deck chores. We continued with our open water dives in the morning and afternoon. Groups entered the water by giant-striding off the caprail in full scuba gear. Now all this wet clothing (foulies, wetsuits, towels, bathing suits) has to go be hung up to dry somewhere. When we first came aboard Argo we were told of the Gypsy Forest, a.k.a. the hooks in the forward corridor were we are supposed hang wet clothing to dry. By the end of the day, the rain had watered the forest into a jungle, with clothing branching up and out, onto door handles, hatch dogs, and makeshift lines. Opening the watertight door leading into The Jungle, the temperature increases 15 degrees and the humidity makes it feel like a locker room. Hopefully the sun will be out tomorrow, not only for our sail to Formentera, but so our gear can dry and find its way back to our bunks.