Location: 6*58.814S'. 58*15.928E'

Spirits are high as we get closer and closer to the Seychelles, and today officially marks the halfway point in the trip. Definitely, a sad thought for all of us, as we have begun to consider each other family going through this crazy adventure together. Through the highs and through the lows, we’ve all been together on 112 ft boat. Jess and Angie pondered life on top of the chart house, Sam and Myra helped Val understand navigating using maps during our seamanship class, Carly and Emily helped Sierra cook ten pizzas in the kitchen for dinner, and so much more. Every day, it seems like the crew gets a little closer as we begin to learn new things about each other. I think I can speak for everyone when I say it feels like we’ve known each other way longer than just a month and a half.

For squeeze tonight, I asked everyone to share one moment from the trip so far that they were sure they’d never forget. The variety in people’s experiences so far, despite all living a relatively similar routine, was interesting to me. Henry was sure he’d never forget Trey and Zach dancing in perfect sync on day three (and also nearly getting pulled into a toilet when he flushed a strap on his life jacket). Val was pretty certain falling down a hatch is unforgettable. Fin could remember taking a mental image of the last time we saw Jack Sparrow Island as we sailed away.

Having met the halfway mark, I think a lot of us took some time today to reflect back on the trip between classes and during mealtimes with other crew members. Laughing could be heard all across the boat in all directions at some points, every one reflecting back on one memory or another. Even though I know a lot of us miss our families back home, it’s going to be hard to walk away. But the stories stick with us forever, and I know we’ll all have quite a few to tell. Ask about the penguins and a paddle riddle, and you’ll get a frustrated sigh from anyone on board, or ask about what we were craving in our passage to the Seychelles. The amount of conversations I’ve had with Sierra or Val and Mo about Oreos and ice cream with chocolate sauce on top is almost ridiculous.

All in all, today was another great day at sea. All of us are thankful for a working prop and the possibility of a new tube of toothpaste from the Seychelles.


1. Gil, Danar, and Val

2. Robbie and Henry

3. Zac