Location: The Caves, Norman Island

We started off our day with delicious coffeecake and then motored to Norman Island, a short distance away. Once there, we snorkeled some really neat caves. The weather was cloudy, and it rained a little making it a bit chilly, but despite it, we had a fun time. In one cave, you could swim all the way until it was pitch black which was very eerie. Then we had sandwiches with homemade bread and study time after that. We worked on our animal creations and studied for our marine bio exam. Casey gave us the fun assignment of creating our own animal and then classifying it, explaining its characteristics, and how it lives. For dinner, we had spaghetti and meat sauce with salad and garlic bread. We sang Happy Birthday to Marc and devoured the confetti cake. Then we had our exam and presented our animal creations. Today we had a nice mix of work and pleasure. I really enjoyed the caves and look forward to our dive tomorrow.