Location: 18 15.37'S 68 30.37'E

Halloween got off to an early start on Argo. Preparations had been made, and decorations were set up on previous days, but starting on the evening of the 30th of October, costumes started to come on, and people began to scare each other. At midnight while on bow-watch, a mysterious figure with a canvas bag over its head and a fire ax in its hands approached Caroline and me. It stood staring at us silently for a few minutes without responding to our attempts to communicate with it. Once I asked it if it had been granted permission to use the fire ax as part of a costume, it wandered off, dissuaded. Only later in the morning did we learn that it was Ben, our captain, trying to scare us. Soon after, Nick P. came up on deck and began to shave his head with Matt’s help in order to better resemble Simon, who he was dressing up as. His commitment to his costume came as a surprise but was greatly appreciated by the whole crew. Once our watch ended at 0400, we began to scare the next watch. Hiding in bilges, behind the hanging foul weather gear, and in the engine room, we tried to scare watch team three as much as possible. However, once the sun rose, the scares quickly died down. For lunch, we ate the skipjack tuna that had been caught the previous evening and ‘gratin’ style potatoes. Lunch was rife with anticipation as a marine biology test followed it. Fortunately, study resources were abundant, and consequently, most students felt prepared. Fifteen minutes or so after the test, a fire drill began. After only two minutes, everybody was in the cockpit with their type one PFDs on, and after only eight minutes, the fire hose was set up and spraying water. Following this successful fire drill, all the crew was permitted to take showers up on deck. The afternoon was relaxed and open to free time. Many people chose to relax in the salon or nap in their bunks. At 1800 dinner was ready: lasagna. Greeted by a spectacular sunset, everyone enjoyed dinner and, afterward, the brownies that had been prepared by Ally. Given the limited costume resources on Argo, Halloween was a great success, with everyone dressing up to some degree. While not a conventional Halloween by any means, it was certainly one that I will remember.