Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

This morning everyone crawled out 30 minutes earlier than usual so that we could get a jump-start on our day, which included a long morning hike up one of St Lucia’s largest peaks, Gros Piton. Every morning, we wake up to the beautiful scenery of the smaller neighboring Petit Piton, a majestic peak that appears to rise straight out of the water’s edge and end somewhere in the clouds. The Pitons are a “must-see” when visiting St Lucia and are the landmarks the island uses in tourism bulletins, honey moon advertisements and even movie scenes (one of the Superman movies includes the hero flying over the peaks). The hike was rigorous but on a well-maintained trail and we found the effort to be worth it upon arriving at two magnificent view-points at the top. After a delicious picnic lunch of PB and J and apples, we headed back down to the base camp for some cold water and hoped our muscles wouldn’t be too sore in the morning. We ended the day with a beautiful pink sunset reflecting off of Petit Piton, though we still haven’t spotted the alleged “green flash” that occurs as the sun dips over a clear horizon.