Location: Underway to Antigua

In the distance, it’s barely audible. Only those brave sailors who are willing to attempt bow watch alone have the chance to hear its faint whisper of a chant. “Antigua, Antigua, Antigua,” it hums with the sound of a leaf falling gently to the earthy soil and the intensity of 1000 monks who have sworn the vow of silence. Naught but a few have heard such whispers; some claim they know what we speak of, and others haven’t the clue what I’m referring to. Never the less it draws near. The final passage comes to a close. Some say 12 hours, others a few leagues, or to a few of the so-called “scavengers” a bowl of boat meal, an apple, a friend’s apple, and a bowl of ramen. On this day that has been filled with ever-changing winds and ever-changing sails, we had a light that we could look upon: Jake. Not only was today the day he was born 20 years ago, but it was also another day of his reign as student skipper. The food that was served at 12:00 today was a pasta bake thought up by the infamous Chef Anna. As the curtain of light, we call the sun was about to close, and before we sang Jake happy birthday for the 3rd time today, many members of the schooner S/Y Argo gathered in the cockpit to hope to catch a glimpse of the “green flash.” Unsuccessful as it may have been, it was still a beautiful sight to behold. The day was finished off with another concoction from the aforementioned infamous Chef Anna: taco bowls. And a round of squeeze; that, to an unfamiliar eye, might look like an odd ritual. To the schooner S/Y Argo and its crew, however, is an essential part of sealing the day for good and letting bygones be bygones.

The “Orb” slowly falling out of the sky for the last time on the 8th of December, two thousand and twenty years after the common era.
Mr. Skipper Jake Valpey perusing the monitors
The afternoon water as calm as we have seen it on this circumnavigation; some would say it’s as flat as glass
Group hug in the chart house

Current position: