Location: Green Island, Antigua

Today has been my longest day as skipper yet. Starting at midnight, beginning our watch as we began to sail to English Harbour, Antigua. We anchored in Freemans Bay for breakfast while Boomer cleared customs, then took Ocean Star to the fuel dock to fill up. After picking up more provisions, we set out on our motor to Green Island. It was an incredible ride. We saw several water spouts in the distance and Eric Clapton’s house. Today, I felt my greatest challenge as a sailor this whole trip. I had to steer the boat through a shallow shoal and past patches of reef. It was an incredible feeling being in control of this vessel. It was a feeling of great responsibility and pride knowing I successfully did it. This was one of the most amazing days that I will surely never forget, as skipper of Ocean Star. After we arrived, we wasted no time in getting everything squared away and began working on our oceanography research projects. Then after a hearty meal, we had the concluding part of our literature review presentations for oceanography. The crew is pretty tired at the end of a long day. They’ve earned every wrinkle under their eyes.