Location: Underway to Pattaya

As the dawn broke over our last morning at the island of Koh Chang, a light rain settled in, so we had our pancake breakfast down below in the saloon. (Delicious! Nice job, Shannon and Max! Plus, Caroline brought us homemade maple syrup – homemade as in actually made by Caroline’s family – and needless to say, it was awesome!) Shortly after cleanup, we got ready to get underway, raising the sails and hauling up the anchor. We’ve had a lovely day of sailing, overcast and thus not too hot as it has been recently. For a quiet few hours this afternoon, we had the engine off and all six sails up. Overall, the crew of Argo had a relaxing day, culminating in a delicious pasta dinner with garlic bread (nice job, Chili!), accompanied by one of Thailand’s gorgeous sunsets.

This passage is our last of this 90-day journey – last time setting the sails, last night of watch, last deck showers – and all these things I’m sure will be missed in the coming days (well, maybe not the deck showers). It occurs to me that my last three times as skippers have all been during the passage. We’ve spent a fair amount of time at sea this trip, but everyone on board has taken to it well. Each task, each watch, seems like normal life. It’s been a great journey to take with everyone.

On this last night of watch and my last time as skipper, I wish everyone fair winds and following seas, wherever you might end up next.