Location: Barcelona, Spain

Today saw the end of the passage from Corsica to Barcelona, it has been a fairly rolly three days with the wind changing a full 360 degrees on us and the seas following it round to make some fun times sleeping, I guess that what’s floors were really made for. After striking sails we motored into the harbour and found the tightest space I think I have ever seen Argo fit into, with infinite finesse Boomer tucked us in and we tied up in a great spot in Port Vell Marina in downtown Barcelona. Once we were checked in and put the boat away with a quick polish it was time for a Mexican Fiesta and then to shore for some hot showers for the shipmates. With the Spanish tendency for late nights and siesta people are out and about seeing the sights a bit tonight before we get to exploring the city tomorrow. Now time for a nice sleep in which I can hopefully stay in my bed 🙂

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