Location: Roseau, Dominica

Today we woke up an hour before usual to prepare for our hike to the Boiling Lake. We ate breakfast and then started to pack up before taking dinghy rides over to Dive Dominica. We arrived onshore at 7:30 and took a short taxi ride over to the base of the mountain. Poncho was our tour guide of the day! He led us though the jungle to the top of a mountain where it kind of leveled off so we could have lunch. Then we continued our hike to the boiling lake – one of only two such lakes that exist in the world! We hiked though rivers, waterfalls, streams and huge rock formations. When we were almost to the boiling lake we stopped at a few rivers that lead into the lake and made some hard boiled eggs with the boiling water from the rivers. Then we continued to hike to the lake. When we finally arrived we were on top of a cliff that you could look over and see the giant lake bubbling with boiling water. We were surrounded by mountains, the view was incredible. After that we headed back down the mountain; the hike was 11 miles overall so it was long and hard but the view was worth it! When we got to the bottom we all went swimming at a natural pool while we waited for the rest to arrive. Then we got back in our taxis to head home! We then came back to Ocean Star to shower and got ready for a dinner and night out at Dive Dominica where they served the best Mahi Mahi I’ve ever had!Over all it was an amazing day!