Location: Nevis

Today started at 7:00ish with a crazy good breakfast of eggs, spam and rice. The spam actually turned out quite good. Then we did “Bravo Alpha” aka Boat Appreciation, which included tons of 80’s music, bleach, water and lots of Joy. As we were doing a final sweep of the deck with the ships water hose, Chad and Luke tried to stand against the water hose, as if in a riot. To their dismay they were not shot off the boat. Then we made PBandJ to take with us on our bike ride and for the hikers to take on their hike. But there was some trouble labeling the different types of sandwiches (creamy or crunch peanut butter, strawberry or grape jelly) so the result of this were labels such as “it doesn’t matter” and “it tastes the same anyway”. Myself and 8 other shipmates did the bike ride, which most of us found to be strenuous. But our guide, Rege, clad in a biker’s outfit and dreads encouraged us through it. Two other shipmates decided to skip out on the bike ride and instead hike to The Source, Nevis’ water source. Dinner was a masterpiece created by the first mate, Graham, called Graham Pie. After an Oceanography class, everyone is starting to get ready for bed as we ship out tomorrow for our next passage to Dominica.