Location: Martinique

I mean it when I say Martinique is my favorite island so far. Our day began with a beautiful morning and a delicious breakfast followed by an intense OCB test (for future ocean star crew, please remember to study phylaand the answer to question 41 is D: all of the above. Captain Ben wants us to give useful advice to prospective future crew members). After that, we hopped in Irv (our dinghy) and headed out to find a taxi so we could hike Mt. Pelee. When we arrived at our destination, it started raining, and to all my friends in Minnesota, it was raining more than you have ever seen rain Ever. After that, we decided that YOLO was the correct answer to going up the mountain, and we did it anyway (not that I’m complaining, I loved it!). After that, we stopped at a cafe, and I will just say that 18 people + no French speakers on the boat + French-speaking island + French-speaking store owners = Hilarity. When we got back to the boat, I took a power nap and awoke to the most beautiful sunset I had seen on this trip. Then we had dinner made by the Top chef team Ocean Star and thus concluded an awesome day aboard S/Y Ocean Star.