Location: Saba

Helloo everyone, We started today off with the signature breakfast from our head chef Mike! Right after cleanup, we left the oh-so-beautiful Saint Barth. After taking our last look at all the super yachts and mister Whatsapp, we lifted our anchors up and off we went. We were setting course to Saba! The boat prep for our passage today was done by the whole crew this time, and yes, we did make it safe. After our 8 hours passage that flew by, we made it to the Dutch island of Saba. I was very happy to see a bit of home again, although it does not really look the same. Arriving in Saba while trying to moor, our mooring line snapped, which was pretty crazy, but we luckily had a second one, so not to worry, we added another secondary line. Then we had a class on oceanography from Heather where we learned all about fisheries. During our dinner cleanup, everybody stopped a second to look at the yellowfin tunas that came up next to our boat to eat our leftovers that went overboard with salty water from the dishy pit; those were some big fish. In the evening, everybody was busy because tomorrow is the feared nav master exam, but with all the practicing and studying we did, I think everyone will do great!