Location: Saint Lucia

Today we woke to another amazing day here in Saint Lucia. As the sun reflected off the side of Petit Piton, you could see a mirror image of Ocean Star’s hull on the deep blue water. After Jill and the other chefs prepared a wonderful breakfast, everyone was full of energy and ready to take on the day.

Amy and I stayed onboard to do vessel watch and routine maintenance. At the same time, the rest of the group was dropped on shore and met a local tour guide who took them to the visitor center to view informational videos and models that explained how the stunning islands Pitons and the caldera were formed, then went on a guided tour of the caldera before relaxing into a volcanic mud bath. The mud baths consisted of several very warm (read HOT) pools of springs water full of minerals, which we soaked in to open up our pores and relax our bodies. Then we rubbed the gray and black mineral mud all over ourselves to cleanse and purify our skin. After washing off, it was back in the taxi for a short drive to the Diamond Botanical Gardens. The tour guide here referred to himself as the “human Internet.” He showed us around the gardens and the beautiful Diamond waterfall while reciting a wealth of information on the local flora. As if one waterfall wasn’t enough, we then headed to the Mineral Springs waterfall to finish off our spa treatment day. The water here is rumored to be good for rheumatism, eczema, and other aches and pains. Jade made it her personal mission to relax everyone as much as possible and went around putting leaves over our eyes.

The boat was now only a short walk past Petit Piton, so it was a leisurely stroll to the beach for some time spent collecting sea glass and relaxing. Joseph, Steffen, and Matthew enjoyed a sunset snorkel while Ridge and Eli practiced their free-diving down the mooring line, Eli hitting a new personal best of 31.1m (over 100ft). Once we had all dried off for the day, it was a chili dinner under the beautiful stars, followed by a marine biology lecture with Amy and some well-earned rest.

Pictured: S/Y Ocean Star in Soufriere Bay; Diamond Waterfall; Carolyn, Miranda, and Jill enjoying the mud baths; the group after a mud bath; the Caldera; Kennedy and Jade relaxing at Mineral waterfalls; and Joseph, Amanda, and Jill in the mineral falls.