Location: Rade de Saint Pierre, Martinique

At 7:00 this morning, I woke up and attempted to wake the rest of the crew up after a late night. At first, it was a bit of a challenge, but it was successful. After a delicious breakfast of eggs and sausage breakfast burritos, we started passage prep to sail to Martinique. We ended up leaving the dock around 10:00 and started watch teams. Watch team 1 was on first, and watch team 2 go to sleep. At 10:30, watch team one was woken up to raise the sails, and by 10:45, all four sails were up, and watch team 2 was back in bed. Watch teams switch every 2 hours. We, watch team 2, were greatly enjoying our watch because Steve shared his caramel M&M’s and another kind of chocolate candy with us. During our last watch, we saw a beautiful sunset and a crazy dolphin jumping in the distance while pulling up to Saint Pierre in Martinique. While Kelsay and Will were on the bowsprit taking down the jib, a pod of small dolphins started to swim and play right under them. The whole crew ran up to the bow to watch and were shrieking with excitement. I ran to grab my camera and got some great pictures of the sunset, the dolphins, and the beautiful island. Also, as we were pulling up to the island, we watched for the green flash. It was one of the longest and best ones we have seen yet on this trip, but I did not successfully see it. Wiggy made us some delicious chili, we did squeeze, Steve did his American accent for me, and then we all worked on our group project for Oceanography instead of having an actual class. My group learned a lot about El Nio, cloud formations, and weather patterns while researching information for our project method. After this, I worked on my literature review also for Oceanography and then went to sleep at 10:00, the earliest I had gone to sleep the whole trip.