Location: Nevis to Grenada

For watch team two, the first full day of sailing started at 9 am, and everyone else expected to be woken up by me at 11:30. Instead, they were woken up by somebody else, only to come up on deck and find me leaning and retching over the low side of the boat. Well, at least I wasn’t alone; the strong winds and high waves shook even the strongest of stomachs, and the last few standing busied themselves with passing around electrolytes and soda crackers. Or cooking our meals. Shoutout to chef Jack and co. for managing to magic up a delicious lunch of pasta and chicken under such conditions.
Even though we were hit by multiple squalls, the wind, and waves flattened off towards the afternoon, and most of us managed to stay vertical while underway.
We closed the day with a vibrant double rainbow and a filling onion soup cooked by Jack, and everyone but watch team 2 went to bed. That’s when two crew members, ML and Eva, were hit by very wet flying fish, and after establishing who was more confused (the fish or the victims) and a short debate on the best way to prepare a flying fish (its the national dish of Barbados), the scaly creature was safely released into the open ocean. The rest of our watch was uneventful, and after waking up watch team 3 we went to bed at 9 pm, hoping to arrive in Grenada by tomorrow.
Until next time…