Location: VandA Marina, Cape Town

The program is almost over, and as the days continue to plow forth, utilizing our time together to create our final lasting memories is becoming increasingly crucial. Today was mainly a day of settling into a new location and wrapping up schoolwork, but we had plenty of laughs and essential moments along the way.


After a night of attempting to sleep on deck with Danar, Val, and Sam, I awoke everyone to a breakfast consisting of yogurt, fruit, and granola. Breakfast was brief, as we had to move from our anchorage to a proper marina and dock. It was a pretty foggy morning, but we set off and ended up executing an extremely smooth docking process amongst a myriad of renowned and sleek vessels. Dylan also got to drive Angie, Robbie, and Sierra to the dock in Angkarn to meet us and prep for dockage. While this all went down, Navigation Master exams occurred down below, which kicked off our last stretch of schoolwork for the entirety of the trip.

Later on, we took our Oceanography final, followed by a lunch of pesto pasta. Following lunch, we were allowed to exit the boat and enjoy time on the pier, where the laundry machines, showers, and bathrooms are located; it is nice to always have an excuse to leave the boat and wander around a bit if need be.

After frolicking and finishing up tests, we came back for dinner, where we were greeted by hot dogs and salad. Both were super tasty and pleasantly segued us into our last stages of the night. I wrapped up the day with my squeeze question, if the person to your right were an inanimate object, what would they be? It was a very successful question. It got everyone laughing, and many answers were truly intuitive and thoughtful.

Overall, it was a solid, necessary day, and we are all looking forward to the eventful days to come. Though the thought of the programs impending end is extremely daunting and upsetting, the memories made as a family here will unquestionably be cherished forever.


1. Lucia

2. Dylan

3. Vela passing under the two drop bridges