Location: Cannes

Today the crew was woken up by me around 7:30 for a quick cereal breakfast and a short dinghy ride to the mainland. Anchor watch turned out to be uneventful all night, so hopefully, something chaotic occurs tonight. St. Tropez was a beautiful old city full of locals, cafes, and shopping galore. The old city was beautiful with old architecture and thin alleyways. Four cups of coffee at a local caf got me going to cruise around town looking at the markets and the shops and gave a group of us the energy to hike up to the fort, which had breathtaking views of the city. We returned to our pleasure craft at one to prepare to motor to Cannes. We arrived around 5:30 and had a great stuffed pepper meal and cake and cookies to celebrate the belated birthdays of Beaks, Simon, and Kevin. I rocked the squeeze with a question about what everyone used to want to be when they grow up and some got funny responses. A certain staff member wanted to be a boy instead of a girl (that was my favorite response). All in all, a good day was had by all.