Location: Musket Cove, Fiji

HELLOOO parents, future Argo inhabitants, and everybody else.

Today was a great day. Lots of things happened.

Today started off with me waking up at 5 am because I was anxious about waking people up (a lot of people are very scary in the morning). It turned out my early wake-up and worries were for nothing because, after lightly kicking Max in the head a couple of times and revisiting some cabins after people fell back asleep, I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t met with angry morning people.
After wake up, I was very excited to see flavored yogurt and some granola. We haven’t had that yet, and it tasted so good that I went back three times for more. After we ate, Tim gave the unfortunate announcement that we are delaying our passage and staying in Fiji for a bit longer since we’re still waiting for some things to happen for us to be allowed into Indonesia. It is sad news, but I am pretty okay with it because I really would prefer not to be pukey when I’m head chef and cooking down below in the galley tomorrow.
Since I’m skipper today, I had the chance to hang out and basically do nothing for clean up which was a very nice change since yesterday I was a saltie. Pierce, Elle, Catherine, and I got to deal with chunks of egg, bacon, half-eaten chicken legs and many more things in our saltie water bucket that I will suppress very far down in my memories.
After breakfast, we had marine biology and talked about arthropods and how they have to molt to be able to grow (which means shedding their shell). After marine bio, we got to look at the menu for a local Fijian restaurant which got everyone super excited. We then had Seamanship and learned about some more charting stuff, and after that, we were told that we were gonna go back to Musket Cove for possibly a day or more!!!

After placing our food order, we went off the dock and were stationed around 10 minutes away from the dock. During this time, Mia had a very convincing conversation with her mom about the new dog that they’re going to get (which, thanks to Bridget, is now very likely gonna be a golden retriever). Everyone got to enjoy some time in the sun and hang out, which I think was very appreciated.

Lunch was a bit later than usual since we got all our food at around 2:00 pm, and I have literally never seen so many people get this excited about food all at one time. A few honorable mentions: Ian was very excited about his food, and he couldn’t get enough. He walked around the whole cockpit to try and convince people to give him some of their food, and he somehow did great convincing because everyone he spoke to ended up giving him some of their food. Gabe was also very excited about the food. I think today was the most excited I’ve ever seen him. Gabe also kindly took other people’s food. Also, they gave us a free bag of ice with our lunch, so we got to have ice water for the first time in over a month!

Once we arrived in Musket Cove, we finally got to jump in the ocean again to do jump in showers!! The water was so warm and thankfully not spicy (a colloquial term we have developed to describe the presence of plankton with stinging cells in the upper water column). After showers and right before dinner, I was in my cabin changing, and I heard a faint call that said “TURTLE,” so I ran up on deck and saw everyone lined up on the starboard side of the boat watching the single turtle that was slowly swimming by Argo. This was a huge moment for Annie since this was her first time seeing a wild turtle, so I think a lot of us were more excited for Annie’s reaction than for the actual turtle itself.

Dinner was some really tasty fajitas (the j is silent) made by Meg – our bounteous gastronomic pathfinder for the day, Gabe and Morgan, who both ably assisted in pushing back the boundaries of flavor. After dinner was squeeze where we said our appreciation for the day, and my question was, “What’s the thing you miss the most about being a kid.” Everyone had great answers, and it made me so happy that I chose that question.

Now here we are in the current moment where I am writing this blog in the chart house, so hopefully, the rest of the night is very dull and sad, so nobody misses anything exciting after the blog is finished.

ok peace out

HI DAVE, MOM, LIAM, AND EVERYONE ELSE!!! I miss you guys all so much. Dave, I took a bunch of pictures for the blog cause I know you like when there’s a lot of them. Love you all and talk to you all soon <3