Location: Underway to Phuket

I couldn’t have asked for a better day on my last day as Skipper. (In case you were wondering about the title, it was my squeeze question before dinner.) We have officially entered Thai waters and were going be getting to Phuket sometime tomorrow morning. I don’t think that any of us can believe how quickly these past couple of months have sailed by, were already in Thailand – it’s crazy! Today was a pretty busy day underway. We all woke up at our usual seven-ish in the morning and had some breakfast before finishing Passage Prep for Thailand. We left Langkawi I think around ten this morning after Marine Biology, where we talked about some pretty cool marine birds, my favorites are probably the Albatrosses. I took a nap after class, as I know a few others did too, and when we got on deck for lunch, we could see Thailand in front and Malaysia behind us. After lunch, we had a very heated Oceanography class about marine law. We all got a card that had a different role in it, and we acted out the roles in a game where we learned about the balance between fisheries and legislation, things got a little intense, as people got pretty into character. After class, Watch Team 1 was on watch from 2 until 6. Isabella, Charles, Alec, and I did some science for our research project. We took a break from science for a while when we got to jump into the ocean for swim showers, which were so nice. After swimming, we had a surprise practice of all of our safety drills our drills. It started with a Man Over Board Drill (apparently Captain Sam fell off), and then it turned into a Fire Drill while Max and Jack were retrieving our man overboard, and then after a little bit of fire fighting, we had an Abandon Ship Drill. Happy to say we saved Sam, Argo, and didn’t up to having to abandon after all. Everything after the drills was back to our normal underway schedule. We had a nice dinner, and then everyone practiced their navigating for the Navigation test in MTE in a couple of days. We should be arriving in Phuket sometime tomorrow morning – I can’t wait!