Location: Green Island, Antigua

Have a panicked or tired diver at the surface? Well, we have answers. Three chapters of the PADI Rescue Diver Course and a skill session off of the boat have furthered both our competency in the water and improvisational acting careers. With approach and towing techniques mastered we’re now that much closer to achieving our final dive certification of the trip. Being back in a location great for wind sports we’re planning to take full advantage of both our basic grasp of windsurfing and Antigua’s surplus of sandy beaches in the next few days or our stay. Our mouths were watering at dinner tonight not only because of the tasty burritos but also with the news that kite boarding lessons are offered on a beach close to us. It’s safe to say that after a late night screening of Captain Ron to write our SLD papers our thoughts will drift quickly from work to play as so many opportunities lie before us.