Location: Ilet a Cabrit, Les Saintes

Hey guys, it’s me again.
Today was ML’s 20th birthday, which we celebrated with a morning on shore. Yes, no breakfast or lunch clean-up! After some french pastries, we proceeded to various clothing and souvenir shops, asking questions in broken french and receiving answers in broken English. Lunch was either ice cream, crepes, or more pastries, and once back on Ocean Star, we had oceanography, but for some reason, today’s class felt more like marine bio. After class, we started our Emergency First Responder practical training, which included Zick Hafron (Zac Effron’s cousin from New Zealand), rolling people around the deck, 12 of us lifting up Grace as she pretended to be a spinal injury victim, G-Locks, C-Locks, and a nerf gun or two. We finished the day with a great BBQ mac and cheese by Kiki, cake (made by Clara and Sara), and songs for ML.
Signing off
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