Location: Port Salalah, Oman

Waking up for watch at 3am we could already see the lights of Oman in the distance, with tankers and other yachts popping up on the radar all over the place we’d definitely arrived. We hailed the port authority and were asked to anchor up inside the container port along with many other cruising boats. Settled in to our industrial home for the next few days, it was time to repay Argo for the service she’d done to us over the past few weeks on passage and while Boomer dealt with immigration and customs, the rest of us set about making her shine again. A good few hours of cleaning and polishing later and Argo was restored to her full glory. Our customs agent invited us to a BBQ along with many of the other cruisers in the harbour. Expecting to be taken off to the desert to find roasted camel we were very pleasantly surprised to be ushered into a western style bar with a huge balcony overlooking the beaches and cliffs on Oman. Fully stuffed with curry and bbq meat the crew set about playing pool, darts and bowling and enjoying some of the luxuries of shore. It was a great evening but I’m looking forward to exploring some of the real side of this very different country tomorrow.andlt;brandgt;andlt;/brandgt;andlt;