Location: Savannah Bay

We, as new crew members, experienced anchor watch for the first time. Early in the morning, the common consensus was ‘It’s kinda fun!’ despite the hour of interrupted sleep. Eggs, toast, and homemade muffins constituted our early breakfast, and our first skipper-of-the-day gave a brief run-down of the day’s plans. Upon completing the knowledge reviews with our respective instructors, a simple lunch was had. Clean-up went by fast, and a few minutes passed before the beginner divers took a dinghy to shore for their first confined-water dives. The two rescue divers reviewed basic buoyancy skills before practicing tired and panicked diver rescues; acting skills came in very handy. The rescue divers returned to the boat before the beginners, giving them a chance to learn to drive the dinghy. The day wound down with an awesome dinner and a crash course in adult CPR. Good job to everyone for an awesome day on Ocean Star!