Location: Nevis

The crew was awakened this morning by the Muppets “Ma Na Ma Nah,” which was heard in various humming throughout the day. Breakfast was some lovely cinnamon rolls and fruit. We rallied after our first hasty boat appreciation to head out to Barb’s lab. At Barb’s, we learned about invertebrates and had some good times with the inhabitants of her peeting tanks. Getting high-fived by a conch was pretty cool. We piled back into our taxi and headed back to town, which, unfortunately, was mostly closed up because it was Sunday. There was a cool brick building to look at, and a few ventured to eat the fried swordfish – which I hear was pretty good. We came back stocked up with new provisions picked up by Beaker and OCE class. Dinner was great, and then we had MTE class. MTE is my favorite, always accompanied by Boomer’s stories – usually about Poncho (who, unfortunately, we won’t get to meet this trip).

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.