Location: Rousseau, Dominica

Let me begin by saying that there is absolutely no way I can put into words how incredible our day was; I promise Ill try and convey the experiences we had as best as I can. The day began with oats and cereal; we then hopped in the dinghies and started our adventure. We spent the morning being driven and eating our way around the gorgeous island of Dominica. After our bellies were full, we took to a walk through the rainforest to a waterfall where we cooled down. We then made our way to a second hike/ waterfall that was a little more adventurous than our previous one! We scaled huge boulders, slipping and sliding on all fours. We finally made it to our destination, which was a gorgeous pool that was hotter than most baths that people take. The view was like nothing I had ever seen before. Dominica really treated us like royalty today.