Location: East London, South Africa

East London has been wonderful, but now we are on to Cape Town, the “real deal” passage that we have all been prepping for! On our last day here, we started the day off with a Sunday morning banana pancake breakfast. Our chefs Caroline, Nick H., and Nick P. did a great job all day. Some of us stayed on the boat to knock out any work we had to finish and study for finals, while others went out with some of our new friends from the dance last night! Marie, one of the wonderful locals we were lucky enough to meet, took some girls to a little milkshake shop and then took them to go play rugby on the beach! It is finally chilly out. So much so that we are all actually feeling like it’s winter back at home. Deck showers, though… not as nice as they were at the beginning of the semester! Freeeezzziinng! Christmas music has been playing over the speakers more and more as we walk through the saloon. In Marine Biology class today, we did an activity based on MPAs (Marine Protected Areas) to help us become more aware and learn more about marine conservation. It was certainly eye-opening. Nick P. had a fun day on land for his birthday, from what I have heard. He was excited to receive a homemade peach and apple pie made by Lindsay to end his day! Tomorrow we all plan to get underway to our final destination bright and early before breakfast to try to avoid any poor weather that may be ahead. This upcoming passage will definitely be a rough one, but we are all aware that it is our last. We are prepared to finish strong and end on a high note! We will enjoy the last boat checks, the plotting, the bow watches, and every other little moment that makes sailing Argo so fun. Enough talking about “lasts and ends.” We have like ten days left, right?! Wow…

We are all safe and happy. Mom and Dad- sorry I have not called, I have had no service:)
Love you & J, G, F!